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New ISO Standards For Print Colors

New ISO standards have been released to help ensure color consistency in packaging.

The International Organization for Standardization standards are 20654 (SCTV, standing for Spot Color Tone Value) and 20616 (PQX, for Print Quality Exchange.)

Managing print quality in consumer packaging across SKUs, substrates, channels and countries helps brands control consistency of product appearance.

Spot colors are an important element of brand packaging; they are used for brand identity and are frequently integrated into the packaging graphics.

As a result, not only is the solid color of a spot ink important, but the tone and how that ink overprints with other inks can be important.

ISO 20654 enables brands to set requirements for and track solid ink color and tone value.

SCTV’s “color-based” method for measuring spot color tone makes calibrating spot colors easier and more consistent, giving brands and print suppliers more control over quality.

ISO 20616 PQX is a new method for exchanging data between web-based reporting tools and third-party quality control tools.

This new exchange format gives brands a way to collect print quality data from any supplier around the globe.

The format also gives printers the freedom to choose the production technology that best helps them meet the brand’s requirements.

One of the suppliers announcing support for the new ISO standards is Schawk, part of the SGK Brand Solutions group of Matthews International Corporation.

Schawk said its ColorDrive print quality programs and tools will support ISO standards 20654 (SCTV, Spot Color Tone Value) and 20616 (PQX, Print Quality Exchange) in 2018.

Marc Levine, director of enterprise print quality at Schawk, said, “Supporting ISO 20616 means that printers will be able to work in a standard way, using their preferred tools and standardized practices to measure and submit data to a variety of brand print quality programs.”




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