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Publication on E-Commerce-Friendly Packaging

Packaging manufacturer TricorBraun has released a digital magazine addressing challenges related to e-commerce faced by consumer-packaged goods companies, and available solutions.

TricorBraun said these challenges include consumers’ desire for rapid delivery, their reliance on digital channels and the evolution of retail from brick and mortar to e-commerce.

Currently online sales of consumer packaged good are growing at more than 50% per year.

In the complimentary digital magazine, “The Race to E-Commerce-Friendly Packaging,” TricorBraun discusses:

  • Consumer behavior, lifestyle trends and needs that are affecting the evolution of retail
  • The transformation to omnichannel retail
  • The role of the brand owner
  • Packaging solutions that protect, are attractive and are optimized for pack out and shipping

“We are deep in a retail paradigm shift,” said Becky Donner, senior vice president of design and engineering at TricorBraun.

“For CPG brand owners, that means your in-store packaging strategy needs to be re-examined for e-commerce. We find that brand owners don’t always know how to design and develop packaging for e-commerce.”

TricorBraun Design & Engineering Group is a unit of TricorBraun, a providers of rigid packaging. TricorBraun has more than 40 offices globally.

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