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Chinese Checkout Terminal Uses AI

YI Tunnel, an artificial intelligence solutions provider based in Beijing, has introduced a retail checkout terminal that uses AI to enable consumers to purchase items without the need for a cashier.

The terminal takes a “look” at the purchases, including packaged foods and grocery items, and uses image recognition to identify each item and its price.

The consumer can pay for the purchases using apps such as WeChat or Alipay, which are popular in China, with a credit card, or simply by scanning his or her face.

The terminal allows unattended purchasing without the use of RFID tags or barcodes (which are not used on vegetables and other raw grocery items.)

The system is designed to link to a cloud-based sales and management platform to track sales and inventory levels and manage restocking and even in-store marketing activities.

YI Tunnel says the terminal can currently identify 10,000 SKUs, with a recognition time for each item of a 50th of a second and an accuracy rate of over 99.7%.

YI Tunnel is an early-stage company founded by Yili Wu, who previously was with Oracle and IBM. It is backed by Baidu Ventures and other investors.

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