From Procurement to Profit

Chuck Franzetta

Chair, Editorial Advisory Board

Chuck Franzetta is President of Franzetta & Associates, Inc., a supply chain management consulting firm based in Boalsburg, PA, which helps middle market companies add quantifiable value throughout the global supply chain.

Chuck founded his firm on the principle that SCM offers the most effective pathway for a company to enhance its ValueChain and grow profitable revenues in a continuously changing competitive environment.

For more than three decades his consulting activities have focused on cross-functional domestic and international supply chain management, always involving cost containment but with primary emphasis on revenue growth. He believes all supply chain projects should be regarded as opportunities to enhance a company’s marketing success.

His firm’s clientele include Top Ten global and mid-market manufacturers, who supply products ranging from metals and plastics to grocery and consumer products. He also consults with transportation and outsource logistics service providers, trading companies and supply chain technology firms, and has provided several investment banking firms with due diligence analysis of the supply chains and logistics operations of companies in which they were planning to invest.

Prior to his independent consulting activities Chuck spent over ten years with Flying Tigers, where he contributed to that firm’s meteoric growth to the then-Number One all-cargo air operation in the world.

He was the youngest person to hold every position to which he ascended at Tigers. That included his role as General Manager of the Ohio Valley Division, where he was personally responsible for the development of the hub trucking concept which remains the basis of expedited distribution systems in North America today.

He left Flying Tigers to become Director of Worldwide Distribution for Newsweek Magazine, where he introduced the advantages of logistics outsourcing to the publishing industry.

Chuck had a significant role in the Congressional discussions that led to deregulation of the U.S. trucking industry.

He testified several times before the Interstate Commerce Commission, including support of regulatory changes that that led to interstate authority being granted the company that is today FedEx Ground. Chuck was also a key witness at the final public hearing prior to deregulation of air cargo trucking, which in turn resulted in deregulation of the entire industry.

He frequently contributes articles to supply chain management publications, and has served as Vice President of a Roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

In addition to chairing the Board of Advisors of The Profit Chain, Chuck is a member of the advisory boards of FourKites, Inc. and Evente, Inc.

Chuck received his Bachelor of Science degree in Logistics from The Pennsylvania State University, the top-rated logistics school in North America.

Mr. Franzetta has taught Logistics at Penn State as an adjunct instructor, served on Cuyohoga’s academic advisory committee, and has been guest lecturer at numerous colleges including John Carroll, Kent State, Indiana, Ohio State, UCLA, Rutgers, Tennessee and many others.

Having attended Penn State on a full athletic scholarship, Chuck has previously served as President and is currently on the Board of Directors of the Penn State Football Letterman’s Club, an association of former Penn State players and coaches.